Thursday, July 8, 2010

OMG, i was fallin love with another GUN!

a few time a ago, my  friend bought a brand new lens for canon, then i tried... and WOW! i amazed with the outcome, so nature and the color was softly bright...then i fallin love with canon. hmmm..its doesnt mean that i betrayed my nikon... thats very details but i need some smooth (skin) tone for the outcome ... well, i have a plan to save some money to reach that camera and lens.... T______T

with canon lens 8.5mm f/1.8 

with Nikon kid lens


  1. ayoooo,mari mari.aku jg pake canon kok,ta... :D

  2. loh iya ta?? canon yg apa?? mauuu T___T